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Don’t Worry, I Saw the Movie

(A reprint from the original The Gourmandista — June 14, 2006)

I was at work thinking about what we would have for dinner when I remembered that we had some green tomatoes from the local farmer’s market in the fridge. I came home and told hubby I was going to make fried green tomatoes.

Do you have a recipe?

No, I don’t need one.

Well, then you’re not really making fried green tomatoes. Maybe I should make them; after all, I’m Southern.

After I finished chuckling: I can’t believe you still doubt my cooking after four years of eating it. Don’t worry, I saw the movie.


I saw the movie–Fried Green Tomatoes. I remember how she made them.

I sliced the large green tomatoes and lightly floured the slices. Then, I mixed some yellow cornmeal, half and half (we were out of milk), egg, salt, and pepper. I dipped the tomato slices into the cornmeal mixture and fried them in a hot skillet with oil.

Drawn by the scent of fried food, doubting hubby came to the kitchen to supervise.

Well, they smell good.

Of course. Honey, will you please get the cheddar and grate some.

What are you going to do with that?

I’m going to put it on top of the green tomatoes with some black beans.

I’ll have mine plain, like a true Southerner. Who ever heard of putting beans and cheese on fired green tomatoes, anyway?

It’s delicious. You’re missing out.

As we sit down to dinner with our tomatoes, mine of course garnished to the hilt, I turn to look at the “true Southerner,” who without my knowledge has placed shredded cheese mounds on top of his tomatoes. He takes one bite and his look of ultimate satisfaction lets me know that we really can just watch the movie to make a great meal. Of course, adding a bit of our own personality always helps. Seriously, try it with the black beans. Delicious!